The Congregations Project of the Yale Institute of Sacred Music is a three-day summer conference for pastors, musicians, and other parish leaders committed to strong ministries in music, worship, and the arts.

The Congregations Project is structured to encourage pastors, musicians, and other leaders to reflect on their own congregations’ strengths and challenges in a context enriched by musical and theological presentations, worship, mutual feedback, and shared conversation. Each year a given theme provides focus for the conference lectures, daily worship, musical events, and workshops. Throughout, the focus is on congregations and the ways in which they are engaging the theme in their ministries of worship, music, and the arts. The Congregations Project is intentionally ecumenical and practice-oriented.  It is particularly useful for parishes who send both pastor and musician. This unique model draws on and draws together the distinctive gifts of pastors, musicians, and lay leaders at every step along the way.