Catskill United Methodist Church | Catskill, NY

The mission of Catskill United Methodist Church is to be a transformative and inclusive community that ministers to the whole person through song, word, performance art, community engagement, while working toward social justice.   Catskill United Methodist Church has had a presence in the community of Catskill, New York since 1788.  The congregation has approximately 300 members.  The congregation is predominantly white, with some African American and Latino membership. Catskill United Methodist Church is located in the Hudson Valley, just minutes from Hudson, New York.  In recent years, the community has begun a revitalization, and business are moving back into the community.  The people in the village of Catskill are excited about new ministry taking place here, and are looking for ways to be more connected and creative in worship. 


Project: Widening the Circle

The church body has expressed a commitment to living out Christ’s mission by creating a more diverse and more inclusive church. This project will work with identified stakeholders in the community to bridge the gap between youth, young adults, and an aging population not just in Catskill, but across New York Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church by bringing art and artists into worship (theatrical performance, dramatic reading, dance, and jazz vespers) while exploring the connection of our physical and spiritual selves to the natural world (by engaging the young and young at heart to transporting these experiences outside the walls of the church to a natural setting). We have identified artists in the community who have expressed a desire in working with us to help plan and execute worship that widens the circle of Catskill to include Hudson Valley, and the surrounding region.



40 Woodland Avenue

Catskill, NY




Team Members:

Michelle Lewis, Lead Pastor

Annette Boprey, Director of Music