Pilgrim Lutheran Church | St. Paul, MN

Project: An Embodied Wholeness of Knowing and Growing, in Worship and Community

Pilgrim Lutheran Church, a “home for hungry minds and souls,” seeks to be a community marked by embodied ways of knowing and growing.  Our strengths include: Sunday evening contemplative worship (Celtic and Nordic); strong congregational leaders in their 30’s-40’s; commitment to LGBT inclusivity, caring for creation, and peace with justice; shared ministry, in leadership and service, in church and world; and children’s involvement.  

Through our project, we will pursue embodiment in three sense of the word.  First, embodiment is about physically gathering together for worship experiences that engage the whole person and people of all ages.  To adapt an observation from Thomas Troeger and his work on cognitive imperialism: When worship is intellectual, emotional, and bodied integrity, the church becomes a hospital for fractured epistemologies.  The mending of creation includes the mending of our epistemologies, pursued through embodied worship and community.  


1935 Saint Clair Ave

Saint Paul, MN






Team Members:

Pastor Carol J. Tomer, Lead Pastor

Paul Stever, Music Director

Peter Spuit, Lay Leader