Second Presbyterian Church, NYC, NY

About the church
Second Presbyterian Church, founded in 1756, is located on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.  The Church owns and operates the Alexander Robertson School.  The diverse music and worship program at Second Presbyterian includes an adult choir, children’s choir, contemporary ensemble, songwriter and liturgical dance troupe in residence.  Second Presbyterian also hosts an annual Festival for Peace, which includes musical performances, congregational singing, readings, prayer, dance and the visual arts.

“Take Back Our Time” Initiative
Our community is stressed about time.  The 40-hour work week is unrealistic as competition for jobs and personal ambition normalize long hours at the office and working in evenings at home.  Even children are expected to do hours of homework at night as education becomes a means of personal and national competitive advantage.  Individuals are exhausted and family, civic, and church life suffer.  The very pace of time favors routine over reflection.

In response to these trends, Second Presbyterian plans to create a monthly time and space for families and individuals to retreat from the frenzy and experience a thoughtful and quiet grace.  These evenings will include fellowship through singing and sharing a meal, and opportunity for spiritual and personal growth through program activities for people of all ages.  The fellowship time will enable individuals and families to be together in a calm, welcoming space, away from media and other distraction.  The program and activity portion will include a curriculum to help us learn to make decisions about priorities that help establish the Kingdom and lead to a deeply gratifying and joyful life.



96th and Central Park West
New York, NY

Team Members:
Paul Sanner, Minister of Music

Leslie Merlin, Pastor and Head of Alexander Robertson School

Elaine Song, lay Representative and Legal Editor